Delphi SKYFi Engineering Menu

To access the engineering menus turn off your SKYFi and press 2 then 0 then 7 then push the xm button in the center of the dial. It should then power on. To get to the menus press the display button to cycle through screens 1-5. Cycling the power will return the SKYFi back to normal.

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What does all this stuff mean???

Screen 1:

SAT1: East Satellite at 85º west longitude
SAT2: West Satellite at 115º west longitude
TERR: Terrestrial Repeater signal
DEMOD: A check mark means you have a demodulator lock. This means the receiver is locked on the signal from that source
TDM: A check mark means you are synchronized with the Time Division Multiplexed signal from that source
BER %: Percentage Bit Error Rate. This is the percentage of received data bits in error. For satellite this value should be less than 3% for error free audio. For terrestrial, it should be below 6%
AGC: Automatic Gain Control Level. This is an indication of the amount of internal gain needed to recover the signal. The more negative, the higher the signal being received.

Screen 2:

BER: Raw Bit Error Rate. This is the number of received data bits in error. This value divided by the maximum number of errors in a measurement interval is the BER % on Screen 1. Max number for SAT1 and SAT2 is 5440. Max for TERR is 6800
AGC: Same as on Screen 1
C/N: Signal to Noise Ratio measured as carrier power divided by noise power. For SATs, this value needs to be greater than 7. It does not apply for TERR. This is a good satellite antenna pointing indicator
RSBK and RSBY: Reed Solomon Block and Byte Errors. They should be 0

As for the rest of the stuff on screens 3-5 I'm guessing some of it has to do with firmware versions, connected hardware, etc.

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